16 Hours Eating Fish – EXTREME BANGLADESHI FOOD!! Market Tour + Home Cooking in Bangladesh!!

16 Hours Eating Fish – EXTREME BANGLADESHI FOOD!! Market Tour + Home Cooking in Bangladesh!!

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KUSHTIA, BANGLADESH – During our trip to Kushtia we spent an entire day home cooking… and it was one of the greatest food days of our trip to Bangladesh. Not only in Bangladesh, but all around the world, the greatest food experiences are often home cooking. Today we’re cooking an all out Bangladeshi fish feast from morning to night!

When you think about Bangladeshi food, you might think about the rich goat and beef dishes, but really, the most common of all foods that’s consumed daily is fish and rice. Bangladesh is blessed with an abundance of river, and seas, and fish is common around the country. So today, we’re focusing the entire day on eating Bangladeshi fish dish specialties. In the morning we had day old fermented rice with ilish, the national fish of Bangladesh. Then we went to the Kushtia market and especially headed to the fish market section to buy a variety of different fish to cook for lunch and dinner.

Aunty is such an amazing cook, she’s the person you want to be cooking for you when you’re in Kushtia! I loved how she’s so natural at cooking, from the look in her eyes you can tell that she enjoys cooking and the joy it brings to others.

One of my favorite dishes of the entire trip, in all of Bangladesh, is ilish fish cooked with fresh mustard paste and mustard oil. It’s like mustard on top of mustard and the pungent flavor is so incredibly tasty when smashed into rice.

Another incredibly special day of Bangladeshi food in Bangladesh. Thank you to Rasif’s family for the incredibly warm hospitality and delicious food!

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