2023 BMW 3 Series vs Mercedes C-Class vs Audi A4 // The $50,000 Question

2023 BMW 3 Series vs Mercedes C-Class vs Audi A4 // The $50,000 Question

The Mercedes-Benz C300 ($60,365 as specced in Canada, ~$48,400 in the US) is all new this year, and has seen several improvements. Such as: a partially electrified engine, helping increase torque by more than 20 ft lbs over last year’s model, and a new generation of MBUX infotainment. But are the new changes enough to crush its fellow German rivals? The BMW 330i xDrive ($59,150 as specced in Canada, $46,470 in the US) is rated at the same horsepower and torque, but has a much faster claimed 0-60 time. And the Audi A4 ($60,190 as specced in Canada, ~$49,590 in the US) has more horsepower along with a 12-volt hybrid system of its own.

Thomas and James explore the ins and outs of these three German competitors and try to decide which they would take home if given the chance. We hope you enjoy the episode. Thanks for watching! SUBSCRIBE!

Huge thank you to BMW Markham for letting us feature their 330i Xdrive: https://www.bmwmarkham.com/

And to Deven, for lending us his A4! https://www.instagram.com/devenkhatri89/


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Post-production by Karston Chong and Thomas Holland
Sound by Harrison Dickson and Karston Chong
Magical genius logistics and planning by James Engelsman and Gregory DeCaire
Music from Epidemicsound.com and Artlist.io

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