A Pair of 1980s Packard Bell PCs: PB 500 & VX88

A Pair of 1980s Packard Bell PCs: PB 500 & VX88

Unboxing, inspecting, and testing two old Packard Bell PCs from the late 80s that need restoring! I imported these VX88 and PB500 Turbo XT PCs from Canada a while back and they each need some repair and testing. So let’s do it! Or, as much as I can in the scope of this video anyway. I was happily surprised how functional one them ended up being, and the other will have to wait for a future restoration.

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● Grab an archive of the ST-238R hard disk contents here:

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00:00 Introduction & Unboxing
02:06 Two Nifty Old Packard Bells
04:45 1987 Packard Bell VX88
06:35 1988 Packard Bell PB500
11:30 Power Supply Testing
12:56 First Startup, Video Card Stuff
15:36 Booting Up the PB 500!
17:23 Backup with LapLink
18:31 A Moment of Zen
19:00 Exploring the ST-238R
23:50 Commander Keen 4 CGA
24:46 TopBench Performance Test
25:40 Silpheed
27:02 The PB 500 is Neat.
27:48 ATI GSSC Dip Switch Test
28:06 Plantronics Colorplus Graphics
29:26 Outroduction

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