Amazing VILLAGE FOOD in Senegal – HUGE MEAT COUSCOUS!! | Best West African Food!!

Amazing VILLAGE FOOD in Senegal – HUGE MEAT COUSCOUS!! | Best West African Food!!

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SENEGAL, WEST AFRICA – Today we are in a small village to meet Musa and his family for their Eid al-Adha celebration. They are preparing a whole goat that will be fried to go with rice, and stewed to go with Senegalese style couscous. It’s an honor to be here and I can’t wait to share all of the delicious food with you!

Welcome to a small village, not too far away from Joal Fadiout in central Senegal, West Africa. Musa and his family kindly invited us to their home for an amazing Eid al-Adha celebration. First we began with a unique breakfast porridge that was made from millet flour, kneaded into small pellets and sprinkled into hot water. The result was a delicious porridge that you eat with homemade sweet yogurt.

For lunch, the family prepared two Senegalese foods, a platter of rice with fried goat, and a platter of millet couscous with tomato goat stew. For both dishes many of the same ingredients were used – tons of onions and garlic, green onions, chilies, black pepper, tomatoes. Seasonings and ingredients were pounded into a paste and the fresh goat was marinated. The rice was cooked in the oil and broth of the goat. For the couscous it was quite a unique process, steaming, then mixing with baobab sap and baobab leaves, then steaming again. The result was an almost fluffy sandy texture. The couscous with the fresh goat meat tomato stew was a highlight. So good, and cooked with so much love!

It was an amazing day of village cooking Senegalese food in rural Senegal! The food and hospitality was unforgettable.

Thank you to Pape Tatandiaye (Visit Senegal





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