CES 2022 Dispatch 3 – Elon Musk’s Tunnel and Lots of New Tech !

CES 2022 Dispatch 3 – Elon Musk’s Tunnel and Lots of New Tech !

See all of this year’s #CES2022 content here: http://lon.tv/ces2022 – Jake found a bunch of cool stuff on the show floor at #CES 2022. Razer, TCL, and many other smaller companies are included in this final dispatch. See my prior dispatches: http://lon.tv/dispatches and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

LGR video on the Weecee: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USHvvSbYmJA&t=270s />
00:00 – Intro
00:59 – Elon Musk’s Vegas Loop Tunnel
03:44 – Razer – New Blade Laptops
04:34 – Razer Zephy Pro Face Mask
05:04 – Razer Concept Projects: Haptic Chair & Project Sophia PC Desk
05:50 – Gottlieb Digital Pinball
06:15 – iircade
07:08 – New USPS Delivery Truck
09:03 – TCL NXTPAPER 10S Tablet
09:30 – TCL NxtPaper
09:39 – TCL TKEE
09:57 – ICOP SOM304 90’s Single Board DOS PC
11:10 – Meters Headphones
11:54 – Samsung Ark
12:28 – Kokoon Earbuds for Sleep
13:07 – Astroslide 5G smartphone with keyboard
13:41 – Prinker Temporary Tattoo Printer
14:35 – Qnap TS-464T4 Thunderbolt NAS
14:55 – Qnap HS-264 Fanless NAS
15:34 – Clock Work Briefcase Game
16:03 – Ready Computer Model 100 Mark 1
16:57 – Sinden Light Gun

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