Exploring my Apple II Collection + Testing an Apple //e!

Exploring my Apple II Collection + Testing an Apple //e!

I’ve been moving and that means getting stuff outta storage and bringing it to the new house. Which inspired this quickly-made video! This is the first time I’ve had all of my Apple 2 machines out at the same time and I ended up getting excited enough to whip out the camera and begin talking about them. Then a new-to-me Apple IIe system showed in the mail and I got extra excited about that too, so I figured why not tack on an unboxing and test of that lovely system to the latter half of this video while I’m at it! Magic smoke included as a free bonus.

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00:00 Intro to the Collection
02:16 The Original Apple II
04:29 The Apple II Plus
08:00 Apple IIe Enhanced
10:23 Apple IIc
12:28 Apple IIGS
16:00 Unboxing an Apple IIe
20:07 Unboxing a Monitor III
21:58 Testing the IIe and Monitor
24:21 Apple Writer II
26:38 Diagnostics Testing
29:43 The Oregon Trail
32:17 RIFA Madness
34:29 Outroduction

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