EXTREME Street Food in Africa!! SEAFOOD MOUNTAIN on Beach in Dakar, Senegal!!

EXTREME Street Food in Africa!! SEAFOOD MOUNTAIN on Beach in Dakar, Senegal!!

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KAYAR, SENEGAL – Today we are on the coast of Senegal and we are going to explore the amazing seafood of the country. We’ll be starting at one of the biggest fishing villages in Senegal, then we’ll be touring Lake Retba, known as the pink lake, experiencing the Dakar rally, and finishing with one of the greatest Senegalese seafood street food meals in Dakar!

Kayar – We first started with a walk through Kayar, one of the main fishing villages in West Africa on the coast of Senegal. The fish they catch will be transported throughout Africa. It’s quite an unbelievable spectacle to see all the colorful fishing boats lined up on the beach. One of the main fish they were catching today was monk-fish.

Chez Salim (https://goo.gl/maps/cQxTitw7nBDeWjnAA) – For lunch we headed to Chez Salim, along the banks of Lake Retba, and also the location where the Dakar Rally finishes. Lunch was simple but it was a delicious plate of monkfish stir fried with peppers and onions and served with guana chili sauce on the side.

Lake Retba, Senegal – We then took a boat on Lake Retba, also known as the pink lake, and the source of a huge salt industry. It’s an extremely salty lake that replenishes itself with salt. Much of West Africa relies on the salt from this lake. It was very cool to see. Also, the lake is the traditional home of the finish like of the famous Dakar Rally. We jumped in a land cruiser and took a spin on the dunes along the beach – it was thrilling.

Court of Cassation – Finally to end this amazing day of seafood in Senegal we drove back to Dakar and headed straight to Court of Cassation. In the evening you’ll find a number of seafood beach food stalls that sell everything you can imagine from the sea. You choose what you want, they grill and boil it, and serve it on a tray with the world’s greatest onion, mustard, and pepper sauce. To fit with the theme of the day, we stuck with a monkfish, and it was delicious! Additionally, before eating seafood I tried a unique local West African fruit called saba senegalensis fruit.

And that completes an incredible day of seafood street food in Senegal!

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