Homestay Food Paradise!! 🌴 SOUTHERN THAI FOOD in Thailand’s Food Rainforest!

Homestay Food Paradise!! 🌴 SOUTHERN THAI FOOD in Thailand’s Food Rainforest!

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Khiriwong (คีรีวง) Village, Southern Thailand – We’re in Nakhon Si Thammarat, in Southern Thailand, and in Khiriwong (คีรีวง) which is a small village in the lush tropical mountains. Khiriwong is known for its fruit, some of the best organic fruit in Thailand – especially durian and mangosteen. For natural food lovers, it’s an absolute paradise.

On this visit to the village I stayed at Baan Mai Hom Homestay Khiriwong – บ้านไม้หอมโฮมสเตย์คีรีวง ( within the village. Today we went to first harvest some durian from the orchards in the mountains. The durian was absolutely perfect, creamy and lucious, with a hint of bitterness. Next I went with Aunty to harvest some green mangosteen from her trees to make lunch.

For lunch, she made a few dishes including a Thai style omelet with stink beans – a first for me – and it was one of the greatest omelets ever. We also made gaeng som, a southern Thai sour curry with turmeric, green mangosteen, and the stems of a taro-like plant. Finally, for lunch we had khua kling, a southern Thai food dry curry of minced meat with curry paste and lots of makrut lime leaves. An amazing home cooked lunch at a homestay.

Khiriwong (คีรีวง) Village is truly a backyard food and fruit paradise in Thailand! Oh and one more thing, when you stay here, it’s all you can eat durian (during season), literally a homestay durian buffet!



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