Huge Thai Food Tour!! 🌶️ SPICY STREET FOOD + Boat Noodles!! | Best Thai Food in Los Angeles!!

Huge Thai Food Tour!! 🌶️ SPICY STREET FOOD + Boat Noodles!! | Best Thai Food in Los Angeles!!

Best Thai Food in Los Angeles, USA!
🇰🇷 Korean Food Tour in LA (Part 1):
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LOS ANGELES, USA – Welcome to LA, one of the best cities outside of Thailand for Thai food – and not just any Thai food but you’ll find amazing regional varieties of Thai food. Today we’re going on an extreme Thai food tour of Los Angeles, where we’ll eat northern Thai food, southern Thai food, boat noodles, and spicy green papaya salad. Get ready for some of the best Thai food outside of Thailand!

Sapp Coffee Shop ( Price – $11 per bowl – We’re starting this Thai food tour of LA with a bowl of classic boat noodles at Sapp Coffee Shop. They are good, really good. Rich and meat, but a good ratio of blood to broth.

Northern Thai Food Club ( – Next up on this Thai food tour in Los Angeles we headed over to Northern Thai Food Club, also known as Amphai northern Thai food. Here you’ll find an amazing selection of authentic northern Thai food all cooked and ready to be served. Choose some of the dishes that sound best to you, dish them out, and you’re ready for a feast. This place is amazing, and you don’t want to miss it.
Price – about $8.99 per dish

Luv2eat Thai Bistro ( – I met up with my friend ​​ from Bangkok, but who happened to be in LA at the same time we were and she joined us for lunch. We went to Luv2eat Thai Bistro for an outstanding southern Thai meal. Along with a huge feast for lunch, one of their signature dishes and something you don’t want to miss is their Phuket crab curry with rice noodles. Also, a great place to eat stink beans!

Lax-C ( – Price for 3 items – $12 – For Thai street food in LA, you must check out Lax-C, which is basically a Thai warehouse like Costco, but with all Thai ingredients and necessities. Inside you’ll find a khao gaeng – a Thai style curry buffet where you choose what dishes you want over rice and take it to go. The food is authentic and they have a great variety.

Kim Thai Food ( – Total price – $45 for everything – Finally to end this epic Thai food tour in LA, we drove out to Kim Thai Food, located at the back of an unlikely swap meet. They specialize in Isan food, food from the northeastern region of Thailand. I ordered the spicy duck laap, and some flaming hot papaya salad. Great food, and again the authentic taste, and crazily spicy!

It was a fantastic day of Thai food in Los Angeles!



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