I Got My Most Wanted Arcade Machine! Raiden II from 1993

I Got My Most Wanted Arcade Machine! Raiden II from 1993

Grab your purple toothpaste lasers! Raiden 2 has been at the top of my most wanted list for as long as I can remember. Now this one is mine, acting as a vertical shmup JAMMA setup. The cabinet is a Dynamo HS-5, a classic in its own right, which housed tons of arcade games in the 80s and 90s. Only some of the hardware repair work is complete but we do at least install a Raiden II PCB, matching marquee, and upgrade to all-new controls in this video. More to come in the future as I gather components and tweak things, for sure!

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00:00 I got a Raiden II arcade cabinet!
00:55 Dynamo HS5 Video Game System
02:28 My house is a MESS so let’s do this
03:09 Arcade machine specs and things
04:52 Going inside the cab is super easy
05:56 Gratuitous Raiden II gameplay
06:25 Viper Phase 1 & HS5 conversion kits
07:56 Fabtek and JAMMA arcade PCBs
09:48 Backlit marquee, monitor bezel
10:28 Replacing the controls
12:51 New inputs are great! Monitor is ehh
13:58 More repairs in the future!
14:48 Raiden 2 is just awesome

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