Incredible UNSEEN FOOD of AFRICA!! Favorite Local Dish in Senegal, West Africa!!

Incredible UNSEEN FOOD of AFRICA!! Favorite Local Dish in Senegal, West Africa!!

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TOUBAKOUTA, SENEGAL – Today we’re in the village of Toubakouta in southern Senegal, West Africa. We’ll be cooking and eating a dish called C’est Bon (That’s Good!), also known as Thiebou Diola. It includes rice, fried and grilled fish, pounded hibiscus leaves, and the world’s most addictive onion sauce with mustard. This is one of the best dishes I’ve eaten in West Africa and I can’t wait to share it all with you!

So again we’re in Toubakouta, Senegal, a small and relaxing riverside village in the southern part of Senegal.

C’est Bon, which literally translates from French as That’s Good is the name of the dish that’s beloved in Southern Senegal. It’s named that for a reason, it really is that good. The process of cooking it is complex with so many different components included. Some of the ingredients I loved most were the onions, garlic, goana chilies, lots of black pepper, and lime juice. The fish was first coated in a spice paste, shallow fried in oil, and then charcoal grilled to give it an incredible smoky fiery taste.

One of the spectacular parts of Senegalese food is the assembly of the platter. And C’est Bon is a West African food with so many components that makes it special. Rice, fried fish, hibiscus leaves, onions sauce, and finally a drizzle of fragrant palm oil to bring the flavors together.

It was truly a magical meal experience, incredible flavors and another spectacular meal in Senegal, West Africa!

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