MegaRaptor 6×6 vs Mercedes-Benz BRABUS 6×6 // $400,000 Meets $2 Million

MegaRaptor 6×6 vs Mercedes-Benz BRABUS 6×6 // $400,000 Meets $2 Million

The Brabus G700 AMG 6X6 (2$million) and this Homemade MegaRaptor 6×6 (~$400,000 CAD build, slightly less USD), are two of the most absurd examples of automotive excess we could find. What better way to stroll through sleepy small town Ontario during gas hikes, than in two 6×6 custom mega trucks? Thomas is championing opulent wealth, luxury and lavishness with the Brabus. And the F350 converted MegaRaptor James brought along has military grade wheels that weigh as much as a Tesla Model Y. Which of these two 6×6 behemoths is more unusable in daily life? Which is faster in a drag race? We hope you enjoy the episode! Thanks for watching! SUBSCRIBE!

Massive thank you to the legendary owner @Canadian_Car_Nut, who made all of this possible!


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Post-production by Karston Chong and Thomas Holland
Sound by Harrison Dickson and Karston Chong

Music from and

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