Nest Doorbell Battery Review (re-upload)

Nest Doorbell Battery Review (re-upload)

Buy one at Best Buy – (compensated affiliate link) – Nest’s battery door bell is a good Ring alternative but only if you’re invested in the Nest / Google eco system and are ok paying a monthly subscription fee. See more smarthome: and subscribe!

This is a re-upload. My original review did not correctly describe how video storage works on the free tier subscription plan.

00:00 – Intro
01:47 – Price
01:54 – Charging the Battery
02:17 – Notification Camera vs. security camera
02:51 – Battery Life
03:21 – Build Quality
03:39 – Ringing the Doorbell
03:53 – Chime only on Nest devices
04:38 – Installation
05:11 – WiFi
05:38 – Google Home App
05:58 – Controlling the Doorbell
06:22 – Camera Specs
06:36 – Angled Bracket
06:59 – Video Quality
07:34 – Microphone
07:54 – Two Way Conversations
08:35 – Reviewing Footage & Free tier limitations
09:37 – Subscription feature: Facial Recognition
10:25 – Free Tier AI package detection
11:46 – Event Settings
14:00 – Video Settings
14:30 – Audio Settings
14:46 – Conclusion

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