Plex Hardware Transcoding on AMD Ryzen Based Mini PCs?

Plex Hardware Transcoding on AMD Ryzen Based Mini PCs?

Sign up for a Plex Pass – – I typically don’t recommend using AMD PCs as Plex servers primarily because they don’t support hardware transcoding. This one from Beelink, however, was able to get it to work relatively successfully. We’ll run through a few tests in this month’s sponsored Plex video. See more Plex – and subscribe!

Beelink SER4 Review – />Beelink SER4 on Amazon : (compensated affiliate link)

00:00 – Intro
01:31 – Direct Stream
02:35 – Hardware Video Transcoding Described
04:10 – Software Transcoding Example on AMD Processor
05:19 – Intel Hardware Transcoding
06:44 – Testing AMD Hardware Transcoding
10:35 – Conclusion

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