Quadruple Bypass Burger Challenge Record??

Quadruple Bypass Burger Challenge Record??

A&Z #1024 – professional eater Randy Santel vs Uncle George’s Quadruple Bypass Burger Challenge hosted by Uncle George’s Bar & Grill in Silver Lake, Wisconsin. I took a 4 month break from restaurant food eating challenges to lose over 100lbs from August 9th to December 10, 2021, while completing the 1st Fall semester of my 9-month Dietetic Internship. For my second food challenge after my break, I traveled down to nearby Silver Lake, Wisconsin to attempt the giant Quadruple Bypass Burger Challenge at Uncle George’s Bar and Grill which was extra delicious!! For the base eating challenge, I had 30 minutes to feast on four 1/2lb beef burger patties stacked and layered with 8 cheese slices, lots of bacon, 4 fried eggs, and some healthy grilled veggies with a chipotle mayo sauce on the top and bottom bun. All that came with a side of coleslaw and a 1lb basket of hand-cut French fries. The base challenge costs $26 and you don’t get it free if you win, but you do earn a sweet t-shirt and spot on the Wall of Fame. I was trying to beat the Quadruple Bypass Burger Challenge time record and win the incentive $100 cash prize!! To do that, I also had to drink a 32oz pitcher of beer (New Glarus Spotted Cow) and finish everything faster than the 12:16 previous time record. Thanks to Uncle George and everyone with Uncle George’s Bar & Grill in Silver Lake, Wisconsin for the delicious food, drinks, and hospitality!! Thanks also to the people who came that December Monday evening to watch and meet me!! I appreciate everyone in Silver Lake, WI and all around Wisconsin who watches and supports our hard efforts!! Many more videos upcoming and I hope you enjoy them!!

Can Randy Santel beat Uncle George’s Quadruple Bypass Burger Challenge Record??

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Uncle George’s Quadruple Bypass Burger Challenge in Silver Lake, Wisconsin ($26):

– Uncle George’s Bar and Grill has been one of Silver Lakes’ favorite watering holes since 1999. Uncle George has survived much adversity in its past and has remodeled to become a much more modern interior with all new kitchen. They serve some of the best burgers in Salem Lakes!! Stop by for great food, cocktails, or carryout!!
– This Quadruple Bypass Burger Challenge started just a few years ago and is super delicious!!
– There are four 1/2lb beef burger patties stacked and layered with 8 slices of cheese and 4 eggs cooked to your liking. There is lots of bacon and you can add healthy grilled vegetables too, but those are optional.
– The burger is served with a small side of coleslaw and a 1lb basket of hand-cut French fries.
– The base challenge costs $26 and if you finish within 30 minutes, you win a sweet t-shirt and a spot for your name & photo up on Uncle George’s Wall of Fame. No beer is required for this.
– You can also attempt to beat the record challenge. If you finish the base challenge plus a 32oz pitcher of beer (your choice), and beat the current time record, you still pay $26 but you win a crisp $100 bill to cover it and earn you $74 profit!! Call ahead to schedule your challenge if interested!!

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This food challenge video was filmed on Monday, December 13, 2021 (12/13/2021).

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Video Filmed & Edited by Arthur Davis of EyeScope Productions:
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Opening music by Chuki Beats
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WENSgKN5r1Q />
Challenge Music provided by Epidemic Sound
“The Chase” by Basixx

Outro Music by Golden Drums
“Funk Drum Loop 80 BMP”
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mEPOdsayTw />

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