Street Food in Senegal!! 🇸🇳 ULTIMATE SENEGALESE FOOD TOUR in Dakar | West African Food!

Street Food in Senegal!! 🇸🇳 ULTIMATE SENEGALESE FOOD TOUR in Dakar | West African Food!

🇸🇳 Senegal Street Food in Dakar – So excited to be here!
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DAKAR, SENEGAL – Welcome to Darkar, the largest and capital city in Senegal, West Africa! Today Pape and I are taking you on an ultimate Senegalese street food tour in Dakar – we’ll be visiting the local market, eating local dishes for lunch, fresh seafood in the afternoon, and finishing this day off with an ultimate grilled lamb Dibiterie feast. Let’s get started!

Thank you to Pape Tatandiaye (Visit Senegal

Marché Kermel ( – We started this tour today in the heart of central Dakar at one of the old markets known as Marché Kermel. It’s a small and manageable market to get a feeling for the ingredients that go into Senegalese food. At lunchtime just outside the market you’ll find a series of street food stalls that set up serving home cooked Senegalese food. You’ll find dishes like Thieboudienne (jollof rice), okra stew, sweet potato leave, mutton curry, and much more. The food is sensational, so much delicious flavors and huge plates of food. I love the “guana” local chili peppers that taste similar to scotch bonnet chilies.

African Renaissance Monument – We then toured the African Renaissance Monument, one of the icons of Senegal and Africa, to symbolize the rebuilding of Africa after colonization, and to never forget the past slavery trade.

La Maree Chez Adji ( – Next up on this ultimate street food tour in Senegal we went to the very Western tip of Africa and restaurant called La Maree Chez Adji to eat fresh lobster and sea urchins.

Dibiterie Le Mboté 1 ( – Finally to finish this day we couldn’t miss a dibiterie, Senegal’s take on grilled lamb. This is something truly spectacular, some of the world’s best grilled lamb. It’s fresh and cooked over a raging fire and served with mustard, hot sauce, and onions. Wow, absolutely stunning!

What a day in Dakar, experiencing incredible Senegalese street food!





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