Street Food Market!! TOMATO NOODLES + Samosas Breakfast Food Tour!!

Street Food Market!! TOMATO NOODLES + Samosas Breakfast Food Tour!!

πŸŽ₯ Khon Kaen Street Food Tour:
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CHIANG MAI, THAILAND – One of the hidden gems when it comes to local markets and street food in Chiang Mai, is the Friday morning Yunnan tribal market. Every Friday morning you’ll discover a friendly market where minority groups, often with roots in Yunnan, China, gather to sell food.

Some come from the countryside where they bring rare ingredients, and others sell family favorite dishes. You’ll also find a good range of Halal food ready to eat. So today we’re going on a street food tour of the Friday morning market in Chiang Mai.

I started at the beginning of the market first with a walk around the market to see the colorful ingredients. I love seeing all the different Yunnanese pickles and preserves, and all the different roots and herbs that go into cooking. In the center of the market you’ll find a few samosa stalls selling halal snacks.

Next I tried a Burmese mohinga which is a fish stew over rice noodles topped with herbs and crispy lentil fritters. It’s an amazing dish and goes down great for breakfast. I also especially loved the khao buk nga – rice cakes grilled and filled with sesame paste.

Finally to end this street food tour, we sat down in the food court for a few bowls of Shan style noodles and split pea porridge.

If you enjoy exploring local markets and learning about different cultures, the Friday Yunan market is a fantastic place to visit when you’re in Chiang Mai.

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