The New 680M RDNA2 iGPU Is Outstanding! Ryzen 6800U Blew Me Away

The New 680M RDNA2 iGPU Is Outstanding! Ryzen 6800U Blew Me Away

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In this video, we see just how well the new AMD Ryzen 6800U handles AA Gaming! The 6800U has AMD’s New RDNA iGPU” Integrated graphics” It’s known as the Radeon 680M and it is going to change Integrated graphics forever! With It supports DDR5 Ram Has 12Cus and a clock up to 2000Mhz. My full review on this laptop will be released in about a week from the date this video was posted and I have a lot more to show off when it comes to the Ryzen 7 6800U APU.

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00:15-Overview, Forza Horizon 5 6800U 680M iGPU
01:17-Video Sponsor Ad Placement
02:33-6800U 680M iGPU Specs
03:32-Skyrim Test
04:17-Street Fighter 5 Test
04:43-Gensin Impact 6800U 680M iGPU
05:03-The Witcher 3 6800U 680M iGPU
05:48-Cyberpunk 2077 6800U 680M iGPU
06:23-God Of War 6800U 680M iGPU
06:59-MK11 6800U 680M iGPU
07:24-GTA5 Test 6800U 680M iGPU
07:49-Halo Infinite 6800U 680M iGPU
08:17-Elden Ring 6800U 680M iGPU
08:43-Radeon 680M iGPU Power Consumption
08:59-CS Go 6800U 680M iGPU

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Soldering Station:
Raspberry Pi 4:
Flirc Case:

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