TRIBAL FOOD in Bangladesh – Hidden Authentic Chakma Food in Dhaka!!

TRIBAL FOOD in Bangladesh – Hidden Authentic Chakma Food in Dhaka!!

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DHAKA, BANGLADESH – Bangladesh is home to a diversity of amazing people including the Chakma people who are from the Chittagong Hill Tracts in southeastern Bangladesh. Today we have the special opportunity to to eat at a Chakma food restaurant right within Dhaka!

Hebaang Restaurant ( – Hebaang invited us for an authentic Chakma tribal meal. They bring many of their ingredients from their village in the mountains near Chittagong. Tonight the menu was huge, so many different dishes and an incredible variety. I was pleasantly surprised by their use of shrimp paste in many dishes and their use of green chilies and plenty of fresh herbs.

Along with the many other dishes, one of the main dishes they made was a village chicken, mixed with spices and herbs and green chilies, then stuffed into a long bamboo pole and roasted over the fire.

The food was delicious and the hospitality and company was spectacular. Next trip to Bangladesh I really hope to visit some of the villages and tribes in the Chittagong Hills to learn about more of their amazing food culture.

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