We Won! – WAN Show April 08, 2022

We Won! – WAN Show April 08, 2022

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Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119)
0:00 Chapters
1:50 Intro
2:31 Topic #1 – Google joins iFixIt for self-repair
3:52 Who else should join? Discussing potential companies
8:36 Topic #2 – LTT merchandise & finance discussion
10:44 Notification sign-ups total
12:35 LMG finances & labs discussion
13:58 Reassigning LMG departments
19:24 LTTStore was 6th-7th most edited on r/place, limited shirt
24:13 Topic #3 – Ubiquiti sues Brian Krebs
26:57 Security breach, ethics behind suing media
31:06 Linus’s experience with Ubiquiti
32:53 Linus hopes there’s a good reason behind this
35:12 Topic #4 – Elon Musk’s $3B stake in Twitter
38:42 Anthony’s opinion towards Elon Musk’s actions
41:35 Other examples of Elon Musk’s past, quoting chat
44:19 Can you choose what side of a person to like?
46:28 Linus plays devil advocate on editing Tweets
47:46 Musk did not disclose his acquirement of shares
48:21 Strawpoll: Is LTT’s nickname for Bezos positive or negative?
51:10 Strawpoll result 100% flawless totally legit
53:30 LTTStore r/place reference limited shirt
53:14 Merch Messages #1
54:16 Mineral oil PC’s fate
54:45 Product launch to be excited about, parental stories
1:00:00 Linus’s dad tricked Linus on 1st of April
1:02:06 Linus’s braces update, wisdom teeth removal & dentist
1:08:09 Most memorable moment of LTT
1:15:40 Sponsor – Devolutions
1:16:42 Sponsor – Zoho
1:17:50 Sponsor – Jumpcloud
1:18:40 Topic #5 – “Strike Team Alpha” highest altitude LAN party
1:22:50 Merch Messages #2, number of shirt sales
1:23:30 3D printer integration into a workflow
1:24:44 Best home series upgrade
1:27:38 Topic #6 – Intel’s “Ocean Cove” patent is actually AMD’s Zen
1:29:07 Twitter thread in regards to the patent
1:31:09 Topic #7 – AMD GPU drivers OCing CPUs without permission
1:33:02 Bezos strawpoll final result
1:33:22 Merch messages #3
1:33:52 RTX impact on gaming & impact on the industry
1:35:41 Whole-home wireless charging similar to Wii Charge
1:37:02 LG TONE Free VS AirPod Pros
1:37:29 Best keyboard for larger hands
1:39:42 Labs lead update
1:40:23 Traveling to the past to change anything about LMG
1:45:24 Steam Deck daily driving video update
1:46:04 Upcoming games to be excited about
1:48:40 Best & worst part of NCIX & difference with LMG
1:52:48 Most underrated battle station upgrade
1:55:37 Technology trends Linus & Luke cannot get behind
1:57:16 LTTStore purchases, reason behind bottle not dishwasher friendly
1:59:05 Outro

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